Green Acres Alpaca Farm

Green Acres Alpaca Farm

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Our purpose

In 2010, with three months to live Dee Carone’s husband wanted alpacas. The alpacas were calming to him. Dee went from studying Pancreatic Cancer researching how to raise alpacas. Dee’s husband built a barn with the Amish and lived for two more years.

Alpacas became a comfort and a purpose for Dee, she started giving out socks at the cancer center and selling at local Farmers Markets. Dee considers herself a sock specialist, some farmers grow corn, she grow socks! Dee is part of NEAFP Fiber pool. The alpacas are sheared in May and the harvest/fleece is driven to NY state fair grounds. Dee sells fair trade items from a Pennsylvania based company to support the ladies who knit for them.

Agritourism is a part of Green Acres Alpaca and thousands have visited the farm as they have had several Artisan n Music Festivals to support Pancreatic Cancer Research. Currently they have donated over $50,000!

Dee shared that she loves being part of New Wilmington Fresh Market and will continue to promote healthy organic meats and vegetables to stay healthy and love supporting Artisans.

Come and see Dee this Saturday at Fresh Marketplace!